• Tuberculosis patients monitored via Internet  (2012/3/15)
    Tuberculosis patients monitored via Internet Physicians always stress the importance of completing antibiotic prescriptions. Heeding that advice is particularly important for people with tuberculosis. So important that Clark County Public Health staff monitor residents with the disease, which includes actually watching them swallow an array of pills to treat TB. View more
  • CSU pioneer tuberculosis breakthrough  (2012/2/23)
    CSU pioneer tuberculosis breakthrough After three decades of searching, the random screening of a group of compounds against the bacterium that causes tuberculosis has led scientists to a eureka discovery that breaks through the fortress that protects the bacterium and allows it to survive and persist against treatments. View more
  • Ukraine, Maxim Dondyuk Tuberculosis  (2012/2/15)
    Ukraine, Maxim Dondyuk Tuberculosis In 1995, the World Health Organization declared the tuberculosis epidemic in Ukraine. Over the past 16 years the situation has greatly worsened. Each day TB takes the lives of 30 people,and about 10 thousand annually. View more
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