Tuberculosis Poses Significant Risk in Diabetes Patients

Tuberculosis Poses Significant Risk in Diabetes Patients

Now a new study has identified how significant that risk can be in diabetes patients, as well as the risk of dying during tuberculosis treatment.

Tuberculosis is a lifetime risk

Tuberculosis is a preventable, curable, and contagious disease caused by bacteria (Mycobacterium tuberculosis) that typically attack the lungs. One third of people have dormant tuberculosis bacteria, which means they are infected but are not yet sick and cannot pass along the disease to others.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), people infected with the bacteria have a lifetime risk of falling ill with tuberculosis of 10 percent. Investigators at the University of Copenhagen have just reported on their research which shows the risk of tuberculosis breaking out is four times greater if a person also has diabetes.

The study was conducted in Tanzania, which like other African nations as well as other parts of the developing world (e.g., Asia), is no stranger to tuberculosis. However, the prevalence of diabetes, which typically has been a disease seen in the Western world, is growing in both Africa and Asia, and the combination of tuberculosis and diabetes may prove to be deadly.


Source :      2012/8/12

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