Progression from infection to pulmonary tuberculosis follows distinct timeline

Researchers have uncovered a sequence of biological processes that occur in humans infected with the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis as the infection progresses to pulmonary tuberculosis, according to new research published in PLOS Pathogens.
M. tuberculosis infects about a quarter of all people worldwide. Some infected people remain healthy, but five to 15 percent eventually develop active tuberculosis disease, which can be deadly. The most common form of the disease occurs in the lungs and is known as pulmonary tuberculosis. Pulmonary tuberculosis can be cured, but little is known about how it develops from the initial infection.
To better understand the mechanisms that underlie development of tuberculosis, Thomas Scriba of the University of Cape Town, South Africa, and colleagues followed 150 adolescents infected with M. tuberculosis for several years. 106 of the study participants remained healthy, but 44 went on to develop pulmonary tuberculosis within a few years of initial infection.

Source :      2017/12/27 09:08

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