CDC: Organ Donor TB Case Reveals Flaws in Transplant Screening

A rare case of organ donor-transmitted tuberculosis occurred in California as part of a 2014-2015 outbreak, despite adherence by health officials to recommended guidelines for transplant-related TB evaluation, the CDC reported.
The seven-case outbreak, which included the deceased organ donor and a double-lung recipient, was traced by CDC and California Department of Health investigators to a source case who was apparently infectious for roughly three years before receiving treatment for TB.
Genotyping revealed that the organ donor was linked after death to an ongoing TB outbreak that occurred in a separate county from where the organ recipient resided.
"This information is essential when determining whether disease was likely to be donor-derived, and this distinction can have significant implications for the recipient with TB and recipients of other organs from the same donor."
Source :      2017/8/31 08:20

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