CDC: TB Treatment for Prisoners Found Inferior

One might think that it would be easier to complete a long course of treatment in patients who are literally captive than among free-roaming people in the community, but that apparently is not the case -- at least when it comes to treating tuberculosis.
TB patients diagnosed in U.S. prisons, especially those who were foreign-born, had significantly lower rates of documented treatment completion than community-dwelling TB patients, according to Kiren Mitruka, MD, and colleagues, of the CDC's Division of Tuberculosis Elimination in the April issue of the
American Journal of Preventive Medicine.
The TB treatment completion rate among patients diagnosed while incarcerated was 75.6%, compared to 93.7% among non-incarcerated patients. A higher proportion of those diagnosed during stays in prisons, jails or other detention facilities were also lost to follow up (1.7% versus 2.2%) or moved (9.4% versus 2.3%) during treatment (P<0.001 for all).
Source :      2017/4/18 08:33

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