TB Alliance urges WHO to add Mycobacterium tuberculosis to list of drug-resistant bacteria

TB Alliance and the broader TB community urge that the World Health Organization (WHO) add Mycobacterium tuberculosis to the critical group within the list of drug-resistant bacteria identified as urgent priorities for research and development.
TB patients urgently need new and better antibiotics. Treatment for drug-resistant TB is long, toxic, complicated, and expensive. It can consist of more than two years of a dozen or more pills per day, along with six months of daily injections. And for those unfortunate enough to have extensively resistant TB, even if they take every one of those 20,000 toxic pills and hundreds of injections, they will still have less than a one in three chance of survival.
Every global effort to address the burgeoning AMR emergency must include TB, and the WHO should be taking a leadership role in this effort, starting with the inclusion of TB on the new WHO list of priority pathogens.
Source : www.news-medical.net      2017/4/3 09:04

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