New easy-to-use TB test achieves accuracy comparable to IGRAs in phase III trials

A new skin test for tuberculosis infection has proven safe, easy to administer and accurate in two Phase III clinical trials, according to research presented at the ATS 2016 International Conference. The test, known as C-Tb, combines the "field friendliness of the PPD-based tuberculin skin test with the high specificity of interferon gamma release assays, or IGRAs. The new test measures the body's immune response to two TB antigens, EAST-6 and CFP10. The test is administered like a tuberculin skin test (TST), and results are interpreted by measuring the size of the skin induration two or three days later. The advantage of C-Tb is that the measurement of infection, a 5mm or larger induration, is universal across patients with different risk factors, including HIV infection. The cost of a C-Tb test is to be determined; however, it is expected to be significantly less than an IGRA.
Source :      2016/5/24 10:44

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