Leading bugs to the death chamber: A kinder face of cholesterol

Cells of our immune system kill pathogens by enclosing them in a compartment called the phagosome. The pathogen-containing phagosome is physically transported to execution chambers (lysosomes) by nanoscale 'Motor' proteins. Researchers show that cholesterol is needed to cluster many Motors on the phagosome's surface. This assembles an army of Motors that carries the phagosome to the execution chamber. Cholesterol, that much dreaded name, therefore also keeps us healthy by helping to kill bugs. The switch in the phagosome's motion is important for the degradation of pathogens as has been observed in the case of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Salmonella who abort this switch as a strategy for survival and infection
Source : www.sciencedaily.com      2016/3/6 08:33

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