Measles, Tuberculosis and Scarlet Fever Make a Come Back in England

Diseases that are considered rare or almost entirely wiped out, are making a deadly comeback, according to new UK study. The identified diseases include whopping cough, scarlet fever, tuberculosis, and measles. The National Health Service found out that these types of cases have been increasing significantly over the last five years. Experts have pointed out several reasons for their supposed resurgence. One of these is migration. Many infectious people from countries where these diseases may be rampant have recently entered the United Kingdom. Malnutrition is also another possible cause. Lack of health care access can also be an issue. The health authority of the UK already implemented a plan that cut down as much as £200 million of NHS funding, which could have been used for monitoring of infectious diseases.
Source :      2016/1/5 13:00

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