Many European hospitals fail to routinely test people at risk of HIV infection

A new study reveals that many European hospitals fail to routinely test people who may be at risk of an HIV-infection. According to experts, in Europe, there are currently 2.5 million people living with HIV -- of whom every third person is unaware of the infection. This new study examined approx. 7,000 patients who came into contact with the healthcare system because they suffer one of six diseases that could also indicate an HIV-infection: tuberculosis, hepatitis and certain types of cancer as well as esophagus thrush. Overall, barely three out of four patients were offered an HIV-test. It should be considers when we fail to diagnose those living with HIV in time, they suffer more complications, their life expectancy is shortened and also, there is a greater risk that they may have transmitted the virus to others.
Source :      2015/12/1 09:01

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