Fighting to eradicate neglected zoonotic diseases in Africa

Neglected zoonotic diseases (NZDs) place a huge burden on society, especially in areas of high poverty, but do not receive the same kind of attention from health organisations as diseases such as malaria and AIDS. So, the ADVANZ project conducted to improve knowledge and understanding of how NZDs are spread. Providing locally adapted information has been a major activity of the project, helping to generate awareness and promoting the adoption of good practices. A major output of ADVANZ has been the creation of a website which provides a comprehensive review of available advocacy materials and information resources for decision makers and other interested parties. Its focus is on the eight NZDs identified by the WHO: anthrax, brucellosis, cysticercosis, echinococcosis, leishmaniasis, rabies, trypanosomiasis and tuberculosis.
Source :      2015/12/1 08:48

خانه چاپ ارسال به دوستان نسخه متنی کوچک کردن متن بزرگ کردن متن دانلود خروجی پی دی اف خروجی میکروسافت ورد
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