Translational misreading in Mycobacterium smegmatis increases in stationary phase

In a new study, researchers have examined all possible misreading errors at a defined codon in Mycobacterium smegmatis. The accuracy of gene translation was comparable with Escherichia coli at <1/2000 errors/codon during exponential growth. Stationary phase was associated with a dramatic increase in misincorporation errors at a subset of three codons, each with a single base changed from the AAG lysine codon. The maximum error rate detected was 0.2% with codon AUG. Treatment with streptomycin increased misreading errors at several codons associated in particular with U·U, G·U and C·U codon·anti-codon mismatches, but oxidative stress did not change translational fidelity. This study is the first comprehensive examination of misreading errors for a defined codon in mycobacteria.
Source :      2015/10/25 11:24

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