Genetic and chemical validation identifies Mycobacterium tuberculosis topoisomerase I as an attractive anti-tubercular target

Since Topoisomerase I (Topo I), an enzyme responsible for DNA relaxation has received less attention as an antibacterial target, a research team aims to assess its capacity as an anti-tubercular target. The Mycobacterium tuberculosis genome harbors a single topA gene with no obvious redundancy in its function suggesting an essential role. The topA gene could be inactivated only in the presence of a complementing copy of the gene in M. tuberculosis. Furthermore, down-regulation of topA in a genetically engineered strain of M. tuberculosis resulted in loss of bacterial viability which correlated with a concomitant depletion of intracellular Topo I levels. The topA knockdown strain of M. tuberculosis failed to establish infection in a murine model of TB and was cleared from lungs in two months post infection. Phenotypic screening of a Topo I overexpression strain led to the identification of an inhibitor, thereby providing chemical validation of this target. Thus, the new study confirms the attractiveness of Topo I as an anti-mycobacterial target.
Source :      2015/9/19 08:37

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