Fight against leprosy not yet over: Dr Pfau (the founder of Marie Adelaide Leprosy Centre (MALC)

KARACHI, Jan 30: Ninety-four new cases of leprosy were reported in Sindh last year, signifying the need for continued efforts to fight the disease till its elimination, said Dr Ruth Pfau, a Pakistani-German who has devoted over 50 years of her life to fighting leprosy in Pakistan. “Although Pakistan has been able to control the leprosy through efforts and dedication of its privileged quarters, I will say the movement is not over and it needs to be continued till the disease is eradicated from the country,” said Dr Pfau, the founder of Marie Adelaide Leprosy Centre (MALC) — an NGO working for the control and eradication of leprosy in the country.

She was speaking at a programme held on Monday to observe the 59th World Leprosy Day.

Dr Pfau urged all the stakeholders and general public to show their love and support to lepers. She also said that the stakeholders should continue their efforts towards the disease’s eradication with more dedication.  “I`m personally not satisfied with the level of achievement so far,” she said, adding that last year Sindh and Balochistan reported 94 and 42 new cases, respectively.

Source :      2012/2/2

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