Uncovering the secrets of immune system invaders

The delicate balance of our immune system response exploited by mycobacteria

Some bacteria and viruses take advantage of the way our immune system works to infect us. Mycobacterium tuberculosis and its lesser-known (and less virulent) relative Mycobacterium avium hides in immune cells called macrophages. A group of researchers have now clarified one important step in the mechanism that allows these mycobacteria to trick the immune system so they can engulf macrophages.
Source : www.sciencedaily.com      2015/7/27 09:49

خانه چاپ ارسال به دوستان نسخه متنی کوچک کردن متن بزرگ کردن متن دانلود خروجی پی دی اف خروجی میکروسافت ورد
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