Mefloquine and Its Enantiomers Are Active against Mycobacterium tuberculosis In Vitro and in Macrophages

As the number of multidrug resistant tuberculosis cases are increasing, researchers investigated the effect of Mefloquine and two enantiomers,(+)Erythro-mefloquine and (+)Threo-mefloquine against Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M.TB) strains in the environment resembling the aspects of the granuloma environment and in macrophages. The results suggest that Mefloquine and its enantiomers are active against M.TB in Vitro and in macrophages. Thus, identification of the target for Mefloquine in the pathogen will allow for the development of novel drugs with anti tuberculosis activity.
Source :      2015/6/20 09:25

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