A Mycobacterium tuberculosis cytochrome bd oxidase mutant is hypersensitive to bedaquiline.

The new medicinal compound bedaquiline (BDQ) kills Mycobacterium tuberculosis.Results show that killing with BDQ can be improved significantly by inhibiting cytochrome bd oxidase, a non-proton-pumping terminal oxidase. BDQ was instantly bactericidal against a cytochrome bd oxidase mutant of M. tuberculosis, and the rate of killing was increased by more than 50%. Researchers propose that this exclusively bacterial enzyme should be a high-priority target for new drug discovery.
Source : www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov      2015/5/13 08:27

خانه چاپ ارسال به دوستان نسخه متنی کوچک کردن متن بزرگ کردن متن دانلود خروجی پی دی اف خروجی میکروسافت ورد
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