Discovery of nontuberculosis mycobacteria in oral cavity will lead to better understanding and diagnosis of a variety of related infections, including Tuberculosis.

A research team has identified for the first time the presence of a group of bacteria that was not previously believed to reside naturally in the mouths of healthy individuals. Nontuberculosis mycobacteria (NTM) are known to cause serious co-infections in HIV/AIDS patients, and can cause a variety of diseases affecting the skin, intestines and lungs in susceptible children and the elderly. Forsyth’s discovery that NTM is naturally present in the oral cavity in absence of an infection will lead to a better understanding of how these organism may cause serious co-infections and how to more effectively prevent and treat these conditions.
Source :      2015/4/7 07:41

خانه چاپ ارسال به دوستان نسخه متنی کوچک کردن متن بزرگ کردن متن دانلود خروجی پی دی اف خروجی میکروسافت ورد
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