Leprosy Still Occurs in U.S., CDC Reports:

Approximately 100 new cases are reported in the United States each year; comparing to about 250,000 cases that occurred worldwide in 2008, according to the CDC.
Known since biblical times, leprosy is an infectious disease that causes skin sores, nerve damage, and muscle weakness that can worsen over time. Effective medications exist to treat the disease.
Leprosy does infect a few people born in the United States -- about 20 to 40 a year -- but is mostly a problem for people born outside the country who were infected before arriving USA. The findings showed that the rate for people born abroad is 14 times higher than that of those born in the United States. The study found that the highest rate is among those born in the South Pacific who traveled to Hawaii.
The rate of infection for those born in the United States hasn't changed in the past 15 years. Infections are mostly confined to areas where leprosy is still found, such as in Texas and Louisiana .In these states, the bacteria can be found on armadillos, and they can pass the infection to humans.
Leprosy is still a problem in the United States but it's not something to be afraid of, People aren't going to be sent off to leper colonies as they were in the past and It's something that can be treated.
Source : www.nlm.nih.gov      2014/11/29 13:13

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