The Department of Microbiology, Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute, University of Delhi

 The Head of Microbiology dept of V.P.Chest Institute(Dehli university/India), prof.M.Bose told to AASM that the spectrum of new investigation for mycobacterial diseases has been widened to  new genes and  their role in immunopathogenesis . The  role of mce4 operon in invasion and survival, putative lipoprotein of mce4 operon( lprN) gene and lipoprotein signal peptidase have been  successfully demonstrated in Microbiology Department of V.P.Chest Institute

Prof.M.Bose stated that one of the key focuses of her department is to strive for newer medicine for the treatment of tuberculosis and in that respect in collaboration with the Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi, they  routinely screen compounds synthesized by them for their ability to interfere with mycobacteria. Recently they could identify a novel compound with  a potential to be developed as a drug to treat MDR-TB and the process to obtain international patent is underway.

The other area of focus is  host genetic variability in  the outcome of tuberculosis infection . this laboratory was the first one to report as many as 11 new disease susceptibility loci related to TB which includes the cytokine genes and the SP110 gene. The results indicate a distinct role  for host genetic polymorphisms in tubercular lymphadenopathy.


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