Tuberculosis in Iraq

Executive Director of Iraqi Anti TB Society and lung Disease, T.Yousif Al.Hilfi, told AASM  that DOTS strategy which  was adopted in 1998 , had  expanded to all governorates region  in Iraq*.  Anti-TB drugs are provided free of charge by National Tuberculosis program (NTP) manager and stored at central warehouse. All the first line and most second line anti-TB drugs are already registered in essential drug list in MOH.

Iraq is a country which has an estimated 29,249,932 inhabitants with a total geographic area (437072 The country is divided into 18 governorates currently Kurdistan is the only legally defined region within Iraq. The annual population growth rate was 3% on average over the last three decades. Iraq characterized by a young population with about 70%  are below the age of 30 and 43% of population are below 15 years of age.  Prof. Hilfi mentioned that the TB control program had a good progress and achievements especially in “Partial renovation of TB infrastructure; Drug procurement from GDF through WHO; Improvement in CDR from 20% to 43%; Treatment success rate 85% and increases opportunity for participation in regional and international training courses. Although, he underlines, the day to day challenges like, unstable security, Population movement, Population displacement and Economic inflation. Besides, many administration and academic obstacles, which is improving .


خانه چاپ ارسال به دوستان نسخه متنی کوچک کردن متن بزرگ کردن متن دانلود خروجی پی دی اف خروجی میکروسافت ورد
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